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About Us

About us

We have been in the education business for more than two decades and it is due to our top class educational services, the number of students enrolled here has increased drastically. At RIZVI TUTORS BUREAU we stay up to date with every latest need of school examination and syllabus. We recognize and have also considered the requirements of our pupils and thus tailored made notes and appropriate resources to supplement what our pupils are learning and studying in the school. In this constantly evolving world, we realize that every student nowadays is greatly influenced by the technology. Therefore we provide the latest teaching tools and state of art facilities to help our student to learn quickly. Our tutor bureau goes through a strict and specific process in hiring our instructors to make sure that the teachers your child will get are most efficient and suited to handle them and provide them with all the guidance and help they need to grow. We ensure that our teachers are qualified and experienced individuals, and have a burning passion and are dedicated to educating the students.

Our mission

1. Our primary is providing the student of all standards with the best possible education guidance by utilizing the most elegant methods to ensure their excellent future.

2. Exercising a proper definition of a Tuition school, this is to assist those scholars who need a better understanding of their limitations of certain subjects.

3. Rather than prioritizing the profit maximization, prioritizing the accomplishments of our duty and making sure the success of our pupils. With a high level of integrity, honesty, and discipline.

4. Utilizing the experience of the teachers, officers and the retirees to contribute to the educational benefit of the students.

5. And lastly making sure their parents' expenses are valued.

Our vision

Being a tutor bureau with an excellent level of pedigree with good reliability and integrity in preparing the students to achieve success and excellence.

We are a specialized institution managed by experienced graduates, teachers and the high achieving undergraduates who are passionate to pass on their expertise and experience to young students. We have quality control or you can call it a test to provide our students with prepared and professional tutors who understand the education systems of the local schools inside out. It is RIZVI TUTORS BUREAU,s aim to instill students with all the necessary fundamental skills and core knowledge that'll provide them with the top-class result in their respective exams.

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Rizvi Tutor bureau

Having a good level of education is important to survive in this fast-moving world. A well-educated person has a different perspective of looking to this world which is far beyond than that of an uneducated person. An educated person thinks plans and analyses the pros and cons of everything and then takes any action.

Good guidance is what that is needed by a student in order to achieve success in his/her career. A good teacher or a mentor is required to mold an ordinary student into a topper and achieve respect for him and his family as well. There are many types of coaching institutes who are just there for making money. What happens inside these big coaching institutes, no one knows. That's where private tuitions come into the picture. If one wants to achieve success in life, one must consult Rizvi tutor. They offer high quality teaching services in the Indirapuram region of New Delhi. We provide the best teacher which can help your child to achieve good marks in exams.

Benefits of home tuitions-

More attention - Usually in big coaching institutes, teacher normally don't know even the names of students studying there, then how can anyone give attention to every child. On the other hand, in private tuitions, a teacher gets time to focus on a single child.

Can choose the right teacher - Even if a student does not like any teacher in big coaching institutes, they can do anything for it. Making a complaint won't make any difference. While in private tuitions, if a teacher is inappropriate one has the opportunity to change him.

Saves time and effort - A lot of time and money is spent when a student has to go to a different place to study. Usually, after reaching home they get tired and are not able to focus well on studies at home. While private tuition does not have such demerits. The teacher reaches at your destination which saves a lot of time and effort of a student.

Hence, if one wants to study under highly qualified teachers, one must consult Rizvi tutor bureau.