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RIZVI TUTORS BUREAU is an award-winning tutor bureau providing the kids from all standards with expert learning support, educational advice, and private tuitions.

We provide a full range of educational services like Special educational Tutorials along with Evaluation, Motivation, Counseling, Personality Development, Computer, and Internet sessions which ensures every student educational requirements. All of these facilities play a vital role in the education of a youngling.

At RIZVI TUTORS BUREAU kids are encouraged to become good learners, we make our students to challenge themselves to go beyond the textbook and be keen for more and more knowledge. Our group classes and expert and professional teachers allow pupils to engage actively in every class activity. They are not forced to learn quickly, they are allowed to learn at their own pace since we know every student is different. Doing this makes them more relaxed and in this way, the learning process become a lot more fun and enjoyable, which, in turn, assists to maximize their potential and build their confidence.

We trust that students learn best from a blend of targeted assistance and guidance from the teachers and interaction with like-minded peers. At, RIZVI TUTORS BUREAU, classes, and lessons are tailored to suit the pupil's learning goals and requirement. Our classes make sure that your child will get the attention and guidance of an inspirational and professional teacher in an ideal learning environment. For kids, the learning process needs to be fun and stimulating, and we provide them with just that. We create an environment where kids are able to take new skills, confidence, and enthusiasm back into their school classroom.

We keep our students engaged with our charismatic teacher-led education; this helps them in developing proper concentration and ensuring a clear understanding of every subject. Through passion, we help our pupils to develop they learn the skills to become self and independent learners. Our tutors assist the students to become curious learners which help them to build a solid foundation in key skills like problem-solving and logical thinking.

We know that education is the most important thing in the current world that is why we are always evolving and always finding new ways to help our pupils learn faster in a fun way.

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